The Manufacturers' Representatives Educational Research Foundation is pleased to announce that Bill Nolan has achieved the professional designation of Certified Professional Manufacturers' Representative (CPMR).

The executive education program consists of a series of one-week sessions attended annually until three levels of study are completed. A comprehensive examination is given at the end of each session and the participant must pass that exam to continue to the next level of study. The professional designation program incorporates all facets of study of the manufacturers' representative profession and is designed to expand and enhance business skills, knowledge and expertise.

The classes are held on the campuses of Indiana University and Arizona State University on an annual basis. The professors have been selected for their knowledge of the rep/broker function and effective use of cutting edge business practices. We will provide biographical information about the instructors upon request.

The Foundation is gratified by the positive response we have received regarding the concept of certification. As awareness and understanding of the certification program and designation build, we are confident you will appreciate JMC's commitment to professionalism and the resulting benefits that accrue to your organization.

Bill's initiative in participating in this endeavor is to be commended. The Foundation congratulates you on having a certified professional as a part of your team.